AA Kiamaina Kenya

AA Kiamaina Kenya


This AA top lot coffee comes from the Kiamaina wetmill. This Kiamaina wetmill is one of five wetmill operated by Kiama Farmers Cooperative Society in Nyeri county. This co-op is made up of farmers who cultivate SL28, SL35, Ruiru 11 and Banian varietals in the Nyeri County at an altitude around 1,700masl. These small-hold farmers experience a region marked by fertile soil, seasonal rainfall, and high altitudes. This environment provides the ideal climate for coffees to be characterized by high acidity, full body, and ripe fruit flavors.

This specific Kiamaina top lot is a fully washed coffee. For the Kiama farmers, this process includes ripe cherries being carefully selected and floated in clean water tanks. Through this process, poor quality cherries float to the top of the tank and are removed. The high quality cherries are then pulped to remove the coffee fruit and fermented in clean water for a lengthy 4-6 days. Post fermentation, the parchment coffee is washed and graded, then laid on raised African Beds for 3-5 weeks. Once the optimum moisture content is reached the parchment is rested for 1 month, hulled, graded and handpicked again, and bagged.

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