Burka Gudina Estate Ethiopia

Burka Gudina Estate Ethiopia


This natural processed Limmu comes from the Burka Gudina Estate. Ibrahim Hussein is the third generation owner of Burka Gudina whose grandfather started planting and producing coffee in the 1930's. Today the estate uses 370 acres if its 600 acres as farmland for coffee production, and 3,332 trees at the estate are 16 years old as of this year. Burka Gudina, which translates to 'Where Blessings Grow', currently has 77 members as part of its association. and employs 120 people at the peak season. Growing altitude at the estate ranges from 1850-2000 masl.

Has a full and creamy body, top notes of plum, and a jasmine finish. Great for filtered coffee and espresso.

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12oz Whole Bean

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