Finca La Estrella Colombia

Finca La Estrella Colombia


Finca La Estella - Huila, Colombia

Humberto Martinez Ortiz has been growing coffee and farming for most of his life, but 50 years ago the Colombian Institute for Agrarian Reform (INCORA) provided him with a plot of land, and he planted Bourbon variety and other more traditional varieties. Now he also grows Caturra and F6.

Don Humberto grows about 15,000 trees on 3 hectares of his 5-hectare farm, La Estrella. He picks the bright red Caturra cherry and depulps it using a traditional machine, before fermenting the coffee in an open tank for 16–18 hours. It is then washed five times and dried in a casa elba, a kind of drying structure with a retractable roof that allows a producer to control the length of the drying in different weather conditions. Drying takes 4–15 days.

Balanced and sweet with tart lemon acidity and a heavy mouthfeel; chocolatey with melon, cocoa and chamomile flavors.

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