Our vision at Edison Coffee Co. is to cultivate an atmosphere that connects people to one another, that values quality over quantity, and that inspires others to join in. 

The team

We are a team of baristas, roasters, and creatives who love coffee, ideas, and people. Whether at the roastery or cafe, you'll find us working hard and having fun. Come see us!

J & Melanie - Owners

J and Melanie fell in love when they did a special edition study abroad on the moon. Melanie is skilled at burning things and J has a knack for building things, like robots, although he doesn't do that often since one of them became self-aware and named itself Charlee. When they landed back on earth, they got married and opened up Edison Coffee Co, where they serve great coffee and decent jokes all day long.

Brooke - Manager

Brooke came from a professional career as a magic bean seller, but after an unfortunate incident involving some giants, she decided to switch to a life with the true magic bean - coffee. She was cursed as a child to only speak in rhymes. The curse was eventually broken, but the purple in her hair was left behind as a side effect. And even today, her freestyle rapping skills are unmatched.

Jay - Barista & Media

Though he looks like anyone else, don't be fooled. He is actually a baby giraffe in disguise. Raised in the wilds of the Amazon Rain Forest on a strict diet of Brazilian Arabica Beans, Jay is skilled at speaking the rare language of the native pygmies, mostly consisting of consonants. He'll even sing you their traditional moon song if you ask him nicely enough.

Sole - Barista & Events

Sole is the kindest person you'll meet, as long as you don't steal her cinnamon. Skilled in the ancient art of Feng Shui, she has a knack for making the place feel warm, cozy, and welcoming. If you listen closely enough, you'll surely hear her cries of "Uh-uh!" in the quiet nights of the shop. 

Chandler - Barista & Marketing

Chandler is actually a wood sprite masquerading as a popular 90's TV character masquerading as a barista. She's spent many years in the mountains training with blind nuns to be a marketing guru. In her spare time, you can find her writing travel blogs for dryads and nymphs, but she can never get away from her love for a perfect glass of cold brew.

Brandon - Barista & Assistant Roaster

The little known son of Michael Scott, Brandon broke away from his fathers fame in the paper company and changed his name to pursue his own passion for coffee. He now spends his days in a white lab coat, sciencing his way through coffee knowledge while modeling and playing music on the side. He says his inspirations are Steve Jobs, David Wallace, and Creed.

Clint - Barista & Account Rep

Clint bears a resemblance to one of Americas 10 most wanted when he shaves his beard, but he assures us that is just a coincidence. His skills include lock-picking, hot wiring a car, and whittling. Not much else in known, as he always changes the subject when you start asking too many questions. All in all, he's a pretty nice guy and makes a great cup of coffee. 

Kellie - Barista & Creation

Kellie was the fifth member of the popular band "Death Cab for Cutie" but was cut before the release of their first album for "creative differences". Shortly after, she rebranded as a one man Death Cab cover band. She is genuinely the most cheerful person we know and if we keep asking her nicely enough, we hope she'll do a cover of "Soul Meets Body" soon in the shop. 

Ian - Barista & Media

Ian is known as the Tasmanian Devil of the photography world. We keep asking him what that means, but he has yet to tell us, so we're left to guess it means he likes to take pictures while spinning in a really fast circle. He's a talented young lad who has come to us from the colonial period through a unique time-traveling accident. If you are around the shop enough, you might be able to catch him doing one of his famous Harry Potter impressions. The resemblance is uncanny. 

Bailey - Barista

Meet Bailey. She's got a penchant for all things third wave, from music to coffee. We found her concert hopping on isles of Croatia back in march and we knew from her quick wit and excellent taste, we needed to have her on our staff. She's an undercover baker and secret agent for the little known antarctic government, making her an expert on the secret language of penguins. 

Avery - Barista

This is Avery. She's not afraid to say what she thinks and has often been asked to speak at the national convention for Vans wearers. Her array of rad socks is unmatched in this land - she's got a whole closet dedicated to them - and if you ask her nicely, she may just let you borrow the pair right off her feet.  She's kind and generous like that.


2570 FM 407, suite 140
Highland Village, TX 75077

Coming July 2017
310 Parker Square
Flower Mound, TX 75028

Mon - Fri: 6:30am - 7pm
Sat: 7am - 7pm
Sun: 7am - 7pm