Our vision at Edison Coffee Co. is to cultivate an atmosphere that connects people to one another, that values quality over quantity, and that inspires others to join in. 

The team

We are a team of baristas, roasters, and creatives who love coffee, ideas, and people. Whether at the roastery or cafe, you'll find us working hard and having fun. Come see us!

J & Melanie - Owners

Meet the dynamic duo responsible for our being here. J and Melanie met over coffee and fell in love with the idea of pursuing that craft together. Combine Mel’s desire to cultivate a meaningful experience with J’s gift of forging new ideas and you get one hell of a team, plus a heart/vision that people gravitate towards and want to keep growing with. Both skilled in the area of creation, most of the dopeness you’ll notice in the cafés was drawn or designed by the work of their hands with love. If there’s a way to do it better, these two’ll find it.

Brooke - Manager

Company Manager Extraordinaire and greatest dog mom to little Juniper. Brooke loves expensive whiskey and will hop on a plane to anywhere if it means a good time. Her appetite to give more, go further, and challenge her ‘best’ is unrivaled here, and only few know of her hard work spent after hours and behind closed doors. Things you could catch her doing unashamedly: jumping in the pool fully clothed, googling pictures of baby foxes, and/or dying her hair (again). She is the sister that everyone wants.

Chandler - Manager

Meet Chandler. She's our cold brew queen. She's got a penchant for cacti and soft smiles,and if she's not at work, you can find her playing hide and seek with her husband and her dog, Rascal.  She's a wordsmith if there ever was one and she's got the fiercest and tenderest heart you've ever seen.  She's a community builder and she makes our shops feel like home. She sees the vision behind things and makes them come to life, and all those who know her are better for it. If you're looking for a steadfast friend, caring coffee-slinger, or donut sommelier, Chandler is your girl. 

Brandon - Head Roaster

The oldest soul on our team. Brandon’s not afraid of a cashmere sweater and turning in early for the evening. He’s tidy and particular and there’s no one we trust more to bring out the very best in our coffee. He’s humble and approachable in his knowledge of coffee, and his attention to detail has allowed for some fun experimentation that’s never compromised quality. When Brandon isn’t at the roastery, you might find him writing music with the boys, hogging the Xbox, or making nachos out of whatever’s left in his refrigerator.

Bailey - Barista, Creation, and Media

Billy – inventor of the neck scarf, indie music queen, and our favorite baking babe. She wears many hats and juggles them all so delicately so as not to upset one or the other. Bailey can hang with the dudes and go out with the girls, and everyone that comes in has a seat at her table. She’s thorough and precise but doesn’t take herself too seriously, which is an unachievable balance for most. She is the whole world’s #galpal and will be glad to pour you one of the meanest tulips a cappuccino’s ever seen.

Clint - Wholesale Rep & Quality Control

Clint will be a girl-dad by Christmas, and he’s the hippest one you’ll ever see. If thrift stores worldwide could have a mascot, it would be Clint in all of his cuffed-plaid, Birkenstock glory. He likes curry and his cat and has a thing for his artist wife. Long hair, short hair, beard or not, Clint is always down to explore newness, welcoming the inevitable change and progression of a small business dream. He has this unspoken way about him that makes a wildfire seem calm – it’s charming and invites people into what we’re doing here.

 Jack - Barista

Jack - Barista

Jack, Jake, Kyle. He enjoys being called all of these things. Jack was repping Edison long before he was one of Edison’s finest. A dedicated guy and the quickest one you’ll be greeted by as you walk in and out of a room. He’s eager to make memories, uphold traditions and contribute his share. If you ever need an MVP to laugh at your jokes or to recall an obscure quote from The Office without searching on the Internet for it, Jack’s your man. He won’t let you down.

 Kim - Barista

Kim - Barista

Skimmy is one of seven siblings, so she has fit effortlessly into this crazy, stupid fambly. On the outside, she seems to be a regular, pretty blonde from Nashville, TN – but then you find out she’s training for a real-life marathon and makes her own nut milk at home and has already written/released an album. Feel free to dish the sarcasm, but just know that she’ll deliver back tenfold something you absolutely weren’t ready for. Come in sometime, and Kim will make you all the pretty cortados!

Aron - Barista

A-Ron, America’s heartthrob. He’s about five years older than he is and wears integrity and compassion and servanthood like they just came from his closet. Behind hiscoiffed hair, flannel, and khakis is an incredible musician who’s disturbingly familiar with 90’s butt rock. He currently holds the award for ‘Best Laugh’ because it pierces the sky and whoever had the privilege of making it happen suddenly feels like God’s gift to comedy. Aron Hawkins – more like Aron Rawk-ins.