October 9

Hey y’all! So excited the nicer weather is here! I’m really thankful to have you all on this team because you’ve rolled with every punch these days. Let’s keep up the hard work leading into this season and as always, let me know anything that can help you/us be able to serve FLo Mo and each other better.

Some housekeeping things before I talk about fun updates.

• Bathroom cleaning: Lets remember you can really judge a place on its bathroom cleanliness.

Make sure to mop bathrooms at night (especially near toilets and under urinal) and lets pay attention to Trash - big can and small ones in women’s room. Take pride in setting the bathrooms up well for the day and checking them throughout shifts. We've worked hard to make them above average and we want to continue to make them a pleasant experience by caring for them well. 

• Out Of's

Whenever you’re writing items we’re out of on bar, be sure to check the elixir and also the candied pecan garnish. If either of those are halfway full or less, go ahead and write it on this board so the baking team will know to make it soon. It’s hard when they find out on the spot that we’ve run out, so this will help a ton!

•Lets make sure to date wine bottles when you open a new one. We should also be labeling dates on cold brew/sunstone kegs. 

•Iced drinks now offered for here

◦ why? because we have them and it helps cogs of goods and the environment a ton. Also, it enhances customers experiences in our cafe. 

◦ For 12oz use the glass we used for the blue sued. For 16oz use the pint glasses. 

◦ Iced drinks are ordered less and less as it gets cooler, so it's a great season to start doing this. 

◦ Please start to add for here/to go into your language for iced drinks

• Helpful ALT MILK verbiage: when someone asks "do you have alternative milks?" say, "yes, we have oat and almond for an upcharge". Helps not be shocked by add on price.


Edison Instant

•Instant coffee is live! Hype it to customers because this is a great product and our roasting team has put a lot of time into it.

Info on Swift Cup - Swift Cup is a company based out of Lancaster Pensilvania. Through the process of looking into producing Edison’s own instant coffee, we tried every provider on the market at that time. When we tasted Swift Cup we knew they were who we wanted to partner with. Not only is there product unmatched in quality of taste and consistency, but they also go to great lengths to partner with the roaster to promote their company. 

Swift Cup’s instant coffee proprietary process is a bit of a hidden gem that we don’t know all of the details about. But here is their official description of their process:

We start with high quality, ethically sourced coffee then using a proprietary process, we carefully brew the coffee before slowly dehydrating the coffee through freeze drying. The resulting solubles are preserved in time and ready for you to enjoy a great cup of coffee anywhere, just add water! 

Best Practices / Brewing Instructions

As we tasted swift cup’s product (of both their roasts and ours) we found that there are some “best practices” to produce the best cup. While our swift cup can be enjoyed both hot or cold, our specific instructions for brewing hot are as follows:

- Brew in 8-10oz of hot water

- The best taste is found between 130-170 degrees

- If brewed at a hotter temperature, give it a few minutes to cool down before you pass any judgements.

HR Update

• Carlotta aka Cookie aka sweetest person on earth, is acing kitchen training and will start barista training classes and shadow shifts soon. Make sure to support her and encourage her in the journey!

• We're still looking to hire another barista in the coming month. Shoot us suggestions if you have them.


•Our team has been hitting some records for coffee roasted in a week and its still growing! So cool to see our beans and name at many shops across the country. As we grow, lets keep providing excellent service to whoever walks in. Especially if it’s someone’s first time. I had a group of guys drive an hour to see us the other day cause they saw us being served at another shop and I wouldn’t have known this if I just gave them a quick transaction like they were just another dollar sign.

 Menu Price Change

• After holding back for sometime now since we’ve had so much company change, we are finally raising our prices. This isn’t backed by just wanting to take advantage of rich suburban people, but it is fueled by keeping up with inflation and our Square system upping their transaction percentages. Not to mention coffee across the country is raising in price. This to me, is a huge win. People pay $8 for their 10oz triple-double hopped IPA and don’t question it, but god forbid coffee cost a few bucks. From farmer to roaster to barista, its going to be lovely growing its price to respect this product we work hard to serve. So lets keep growing our skill and prove to people why coffee costs the amount it does by working hard on every single drink we put out. Large decaf pumpkin latte with extra hot almond milk should have the same care as a cappuccino.

Full price details will be covered at the staff meeting.

Food Menu Change

• Coming on 10/21 - Sunni and the creation team are working on new food items that are going to be super tasty and fun for our customers! There will be some changes that we will discuss at the staff meeting, be ready for a shake up on a few items.


The best advice I was ever given as a service industry worker is: When it gets busy, slow down. This means don’t let a line of people or stacked up orders make you disconnect from what’s around you. Talk with your co-worker, listen with care to what a customer is saying. This will make things less stressful when we just accept, Ya know it busy but we gon do it an lets rock dis shit mkay (-:

I love you guys! This winter is gonna be bonkers fun.

-Clint - Cafe Dad

Other dates:

Staff meeting - Sunday 10/20

Halloween movie night - thur 10/31!

Brew Class - sat 10/19

Staff Christmas Party - 12/15 (Sunday)