June 21

Hello, all! Just a few updates for you on this fine Friday. First, I always think this is fun - so here are our top 5 items sold this week: 1) The Fifth, 2) Drip, 3) Breakfast Tacos, 4) Whole Beans, and 5) Cold Brew. Kitchen still hanging out in that top spot - way to go, crew! Now, some business...

Morning Edition 

Our breakfast neighbors are finally (soft) opening their doors next week! We're really excited for them to be in the square with us. I've already had customers ask if we're worried about some sort of competition, but it's honestly a super positive thing. It's going to draw new crowds of people to the center and bring us more business than if they hadn't opened. They've already been sweet neighbors to us, and we want to honor that relationship, so be optimistic when fielding those concerns! We all be brunchin' around here.

As far as parking goes - that area right by the dumpster is still prime customer parking, and they'll probably be needing some of it. So, if we could just be mindful of that when we're here for a long shift - even parking along that back fence line would be a huge help since so many of us are usually here at once. Thank you guys!

Affogato Prep (reiterated)I'm sure you've all seen the larger, 12oz grey mugs appear at the shop the last few days...these will be used for affogatos only, not lattes. Here is the tray where the prepped affogatos go - next to the boxes of ice cream.

And above it is a tray of empty ones waiting to be prepped. When you clean these and they're all dry, put them right back here in the freezer so they don't accidentally get mixed in with the rest of our mugs. Thank you!!

ReservationsOur reservation system is just about ready to launch and promote to the people! Brandon's created a super cool booking page on the website, and we've already had several inquiries about future reservations. Mel is hammering out the last few and final details, and then we'll be sending out a video or instructions on what that will officially look like. Please be watching for that soon! Until then, still be checking KDS appointments each morning on the tablet and reserving the table/room accordingly (I know there's for sure one confirmed from 5-9p on July 1st for Michelle Bowman). On the back of our beer/wine chalk sign, there's a space for you to write the times in for a room reservation, and you can just place that in front of the glass doors as needed.
Mill-KingBig news: your girl got us our Mill-King partnership back after all this time :') (sorry Jake). We stopped carrying them last time because we had no space to store all the milk sadly, but now with our walk-in storage, it makes sense to make this switch now. We'll be saving money in the long run, getting a way higher quality organic whole milk, and only be receiving one delivery a week instead of making the Instacart ladies haul a frick ton of milks in 3-4 times a week. Plus, we don't run the risk of being delivered milk that may or may not be expired or expiring soon.
If you're unfamiliar with Mill-King, they're a local creamery with pasture raised and grass-fed cows. They provide low temperature, pasteurized, non-homogenized milk (which basically just means that the cream rises to the top). You do have to give these gallons a good shake before pouring into the pitchers so that all the cream can mix in properly, but trust me, this stuff is unlike any other highly processed milk you'll find at the grocery stores. It tastes like straight up sugar in a cap or cortado, because the natural sweetness of the milk is that good. So our traditional beverages will be tasting just as they're intended to! It'll take a bit of getting used to because it steams differently, but it's nothing we haven't learned before. I'll likely be placing our first order from them on Tuesday, and we'll be getting those deliveries every Thursday. Let me know if you have any questions about this. And get hype 'cause we're about to step our malk game uppp!

  • Portafilters - Our closed portafilter baskets for backflushing have started to get rusty. Let's make sure we're rinsing out the Cafiza from these thoroughly and also giving them a quick wipe dry before putting them back on the shelf. Hopefully this helps!

  • Grinder Maintenance - Our poor Telegraph grinder has some sort of screw loose (don't we all). J will have to come fix it, and hopefully we'll have it back up and running by Saturday. Until then, we're rolling with Telegraph in the single origin hopper. We need to make extra sure that this is staying dialed in: mornings, afternoons, and evenings!

  • Dish Update - I know dishes are mostly dry when we bring them from the kitchen back up to the front. Some of the mugs can be damp and still dry clean and quickly on the shelf...but! We've been noticing some splotchiness on the gold flight trays and also the silverware lately. After these things go through the dishwasher and sit to dry, we should be hand-drying them completely before putting them away. I know this seems tedious, but it really doesn't take long and it makes a tremendous difference (especially for customers)! 

  • Back Door - The back, kitchen door has been having trouble closing properly. And we KNOW critters be taking advantage of it. You have to twist the handle and push it in all the way to ensure it's latched...this is especially important at night when closing up shop. Thanks for watching out for it!

  • Beer Switch - Legal Draft's Accused Amber Ale has been replaced with Prairie's Rainbow Sherbet Sour. I'll make a note on the menu and on the tap cheat sheet for us!

Best of Denton County

BoDC is holding nominations and they end July 10th! Here's the link to nominate Edison for Best Restaurant or Food Service. Annnd, go! https://bestofdentoncounty.com/restaurant-food/

This will be us when we win.


That's it for now! Thanks for reading. Brooklyn, we miss you - get home safely! And Jake, we're thinking of you today, brother. Hope she says yes. 😬 We can't wait to celebrate with you both tonight. Good things in store. 

Peace and blessings

Melanie McWhorter