June 28

Hi family!

Y'all, July is almost here which is CRAZY but also means we have a LOT of fun stuff coming up, so there's a lot of info here, but it's mostly fun, so stay with me!

First and Foremost - JULY 4th Hours: 8pm - 2pm

Stranger Things Party: 3 - Forever

Blue Suede Shoes Returns

Everyone's favorite summer drink will be back for the month of July only. You can start dropping the hints if people are asking, but we'll be launching it for real next Monday, July 1st. As a refresher, it's made with the same proportions of sweetened condensed milk and syrup as the Dreamsicle latte. The hot version gets a cinnamon garnish and the iced version gets a cinnamon brown sugar rim and blueberries for a garnish. We'll have all that ready on the bar and labeled for you next Monday morning and send out photos on groupme! People lose their minds over this drink, so get ready!

Waffle Weekend

For the weekend of July 4th-7th we'll be serving limited release house-made waffles. If you saw these on groupme this week then you already know they are AMAZING and people are gonna lose their ish. As a special bonus, to celebrate the birth of our country and more importantly Season 3 of Stranger Things, we are doing a special release of Upside Down Waffles for July 4th only! They're just as delicious as the regular waffles we'll do the rest of the weekend, just more spoopy.

Also, following the shift on July 4th, we will be having a Stranger Things Binge-watching party at J and Mel's house! You saw it on groupme! There will be cocktails, more waffles, fire-works, Charlie and Rey, and finally everyone's favorite mis-fit kids and supernatural girl and we'll go till we finish the season. We'll start at 3 so the people who are working will have time to get there. Be there or miss out big time!

Month-Long Happy Hour and Open Tabs

The two days we did happy hour last week were a huge success so in light of that, we are doing an extended reverse happy hour. For the entire month of July we'll be doing $1 off any alcoholic drink from 7-9pm to build hype and get people into a rhythm of thinking of us as a night time destination. We'll have the button in square for you, and it should help keep closing shifts a little busier!

We will also be allowing open tabs starting July 1st as well. We'll have a card holder at the register and you will take their card at the beginning of the night and hold on to it until they leave. To start a tab, you select "save order" instead of "charge" and put their name on it. Any subsequent items on their tab you just save to that same tab. When they close out at the end of the night, you select "save" again and you can pull up their order and charge for it all at once. Any tabs left open at the end of the night MUST be closed out before we close down the drawer. We'll be adding a disclaimer to our menu that all tabs left open at the end of the night will automatically be charged 25% gratuity (this is the industry standard). So if you are closing out the register and someone has left without closing their tab, you need to close that ticket before closing out the drawer. Leave their credit card in the card holder though so that if they come back for it, it is easy for whoever is working to find!

We're doing this because having an open tab encourages people to purchase more items and will also allow us to serve them better. If we are bussing tables during a slow time, we can ask tables with open tabs if there's anything else we can get for them and we'll have the ability to add it to their tab and bring it out to them. If they come up to order more for their tab, however, they will have to wait in line if there is one. The exception to this will be people who have reserved the meeting room or table, which brings me to the next item..

Room Reservations

Room reservations will be launching soon! We need to start checking for appointments every day if we haven't already (There's a couple of appointments on the calendar already!). Mel sent out a quick training on it this afternoon, so make sure you clock in and complete the training this week!

There will be 3 options for reservations:

-Table Reservation: People who have reserved the table receive a $20 tab credit per hour or a $100 tab credit for a full day reservation. (The tab credit is in square already on the bottom of the second page, and this will be in Mel's video).

-Room Reservation - Doors will be closed for this option (please close the doors for them). Includes a gallon of drip + cups, cream, sugar, ect. for the morning (and a second one for the afternoon if they book the whole day)  This will be a more expensive option, especially if they do a half or whole day reservation, so make sure we are checking on people and making sure they have everything they need.

-Edison Rental - renting the whole shop. If this happens we'll communicate well in advance since we'll have to shut down the store for it and schedule for it specifically.

Tabs for people with reservations will be handled a little differently. Instead of waiting in line, they will be able to come up to the bar and place their order right away because they will likely need to be getting back to a meeting or training that they are having in that room. We'll keep a note pad on the bar and you'll treat those orders like chow now. Place them in line when they are ordered and the person on bar needs to write down the order and slide it to whoever is on register. As soon as the person on register is done taking the order they are working on, they will need to input the order on the tab before taking the next customer. This step is extremely important so we don't forget to charge anyone for their orders. *This applies only to people who have already started a tab for their room so we have a tab to add the order to.

Wine Quality and Waste Log

We are still figuring out best practices for keeping an eye on wine quality, so here's some tips and tricks for you to follow!

  • If a bottle of wine is already open when you start your shift, go ahead and taste it before serving just to make sure it's still good. (Things to taste for: presence of flavor, body, sour notes - a wine that is getting old will start to taste bland, thin, or sour.)

  • The vacuum seal stoppers on the wine bottles do have a date-log built in, but they get easily moved around and the date gets lost, so let's start writing the date it's opened on the label of the wine bottle. If a bottle is more than three days old, it's probably time to toss it.

  • We said during training that you need to mark through the label of any wine bottles you throw away, but as it turns out, we do not have to do that. I spoke to our local TABC office this week, and we can just toss old wine bottles without doing anything to them and we're good. Same goes for any bottles that are open but are no longer a servable quality, you can just toss them (But empty them first!)

  • Any open that you have to dump for quality reasons, please write down in the waste log so we can keep track of them. This is where alcohol invoices will go as well, so if you have a beer/wine delivery during your shift, please slide the invoices in the binder pocket. The waste log is in a binder on the roastery shelf behind the 5lb bags of coffee for now. I'll find a permanent spot for it next week and let y'all know where it is. Thank you!

HouseKeeping Items

  • Half 'n Half Pitcher - We've been having some inconsistency with cleaning and refilling the half n half pitcher so here is the expectation: Please clean AND refill the half 'n half pitcher at the end of your shift. Any pitcher that has been left out for the entire shift should be dumped since it's been outside the safe window for more than 4 hours and that pitcher should be cleaned and refilled. There should always be a full pitcher and a back up for the shift after you.

  • Vacuuming rugs - The rugs have been looking pretty rough, so Chan is adding this to the weekly deep clean items on the lists.

  • Slim Jim trash in the roastery - Please make sure you don't forget to take the slim jim trash in the roastery every day! This is the one we dump airpot grinds into. If it goes a day without being taken out, it is too heavy the next day and the bag breaks (if you can even lift it out of the trash can.)

  • Sangria and Mimosas - We are nixing these items for now. The mimosas aren't selling and we want to wait and do sangria when we are selling more beer and wine. If we do it now, we run the risk of not selling enough and wasting a ton of wine which would be bad for cogs. But one or both of these items will make a comeback once alcohol sales justify it!

That's all folks. Grateful for every last one of you and can't wait to get spoopy with y'all next week. We are long overdue for a party, and party we shall!

Love you guys, mean it.