August 22

Good morning, colleagues and friends! I have a few, little housekeeping things that we didn’t get to cover at our staff meeting. We’re trying to keep those fun, interactive, and productive moving forward which is why keeping up with these weekly updates is super important.


First and foremost, good luck to Jake, Sunni, and J this weekend as they compete in Cup Tasters and Roasting! Send them all your well-wishes, and we’ll keep you guys posted on results! They’re going to crush it. We’re already so proud :’) We'll be leaving for Denver this afternoon and coming home late Sunday. Brooke and Clint will be around should you need anything while we’re gone!


Keep looking out for table and room reservations each morning - Todd adjusted his reservation tomorrow for 10:00a instead of noon. They’ll be finishing up around 2:00p. We also have one on Sunday evening for a birthday party, but they will not be needing the gallon of drip coffee!


I’ve adjusted the schedule so that both openers are set to come in at 6:00a on the weekdays. This change will take effect not next week but the week after, so make sure you’re paying attention to your shifts! It’ll help us get ahead, clean bathrooms more effectively, and overall prep for our morning rushes better come fall and winter. Plus, cold brew production has been a little inconsistent lately, so we’ll be checking on it everyday right now and making it on an as needed basis.


The standard for cold brew production should always be one full keg of nitro and regular tapped and one full backup of each in the walk-in cooler. If we don’t have these met, you should be making it that morning and making multiple at a time. We have kegs enough for it, and it’s always better to make more than make less and risk running completely out. Let me know if you have questions about this!


Mill-King contacted me about a shortage of their organic whole milk for the next few weeks. It hasn’t affected us yet, but it might so I wanted to give you all a heads up just in case. If you start to see Sprouts organic pop back up again, this is why, but they assured me it should only be temporary!


We’re still rolling with Zambia in the Single Origin hopper, and we’ll have it on for awhile longer. When we run out, though, we’ll be switching over to Mormora so you may see some of that on the shelf this coming week.

I ordered Aricha this week for slowbar, so we’ll be getting that dialed in soon! It’s still a natural Ethiopian, but it’ll be a nice change and alternative from the Kayon we’ve had for awhile.


I wanted to reiterate Clint’s message again here. Square updated the reward redemption screen, and it’s awesome! If a customer pays with their card, the rewards will now come up after they charge their card. So make sure to hang out at the register an extra second after you swipe and ask if they’d like to use their reward if they qualify. Our hard rule is only 1 reward redemption per visit! If they pay with cash, you’ll still need to type their phone number in to redeem any rewards they might have. This update will be great for us in regards to tips, because the fact that we’re asking them if they’d like to use a discount is huge. People love that and will throw extra money at discounts they might not have known they had.


It’s upon us. None of us have ever survived a fall/winter here at 420 yet. And it’s coming whether we’re ready for it or not! We all killed it at the deep clean night, and the shop still feels so much cleaner and lighter. But I want to seriously make it a goal for us to keep this a major priority as it starts filling up and becoming harder to maintain. Let’s hold each other accountable and watch out for areas that aren’t even on our daily lists. If you see or notice things that should be on our lists and aren’t, please let me know and I’ll be prompt to change them. The hospitality we show our community is a direct and immediate result of our intention we have on this place, and if we’re mindful to care about the nooks and crannies, our people will feel served in that way, too.

We’ll talk more about tips and tricks to prepare for busy season in the coming weeks, but until then, let’s be diligent to create habits now that will serve us well then. For instance, taking advantage of any slow times we get - we won’t get them for long. Prep, stock, cafe sweep, bus tables, backflush, start dishes before you can’t, etc. Work as if you’re about to be hit with a nonstop rush, and if you aren’t, great! And if you are, great!

We’re seriously coming up on one of my very favorite coffee shop seasons, and I’m giddy just thinking about what it might mean to house more people in this space we love so much. Thanks for all you do, each of you, to influence they way people feel when they walk in here. Love doing this with you guys.


Chandler CastleComment