August 29


  • Labor Day is this coming Monday, September 2nd! We will be open from 8:00a-9:00p. I’ve scheduled a third/floater to be around in the morning should shit inevitably hit the fan. :)

  • The stainless steel straining screen on one of our Hario tea drippers broke a couple weeks ago - I tried to find the individual parts online, but no luck. It technically should still brew and filter tea, but without the ability to remove the screen, we’re unable to take apart and clean the dripper properly. So, I went ahead and ordered us a new brewer that should be here soon!

  • Brooke’s beer update: Schneider Weisse has been replaced by the Pegasus City Great Hall Hefeweizen! Banana forward with subtle clove and citrus notes - served in a Belgian glass.

  • Classes started this week for our good friends at NCTC and MSU, which means we might start to see the flow of rushes/slow and busy times fluctuate some. Be prepared for nights to get a little busier, as people are studying and getting into their fall rhythms. Let this be a challenge for us to get out into the cafe a bit more — following up with customers’ experiences, and making sure we’re checking on them every chance we get!

    • It’s likely we’ll start to draw in brand new people this season, and we want their initial experience to be a good one. It takes 7 seconds for a person to form a first impression about a person or thing, so let’s make that count. Each interaction matters, even if it’s the 200th face you’ve seen that day. Let’s help each other selflessly reframe and show people why they should spend their hard-earned money with us :)

  • Michelle said she’s having a plumber hopefully coming out again tomorrow to check out the ongoing smell situation. She assumed it was fixed but has been notified of the problem. Thanks for bearing with us as we address it - in the meantime, I have a room spray in the women’s bathroom (in the cabinet of the changing station) to use anytime it gets bad.

  • Another update per Parker Square’s request - there’s a recycling container near the treeline in the back of the parking lot that they’ve asked tenants to be utilizing. Boxes and other recyclables should be placed in that bin to avoid/prevent overcrowding of the front dumpster. What’s a few more steps if we’re caring for the planet, right?

  • I wanted to say thank you all for killing it with the room/table reservations we’ve had so far. I wasn’t aware of how quickly things would pick up and take off, but people have really had such amazing experiences, and that’s because we’ve been diligent to pay attention and take care of their parties. I believe it’s only going to get busier as this season approaches, so let’s continue that effort. I know next week we already have more coming (Todd has several more days in September locked in with us). It’s proving to be a great additional revenue stream for us, so thanks for taking it seriously and serving our community and our small business in this way.

  • The newly manufactured cups are officially in! Thanks to Mel for hopping on that and getting the leaking problem resolved as soon as humanly possible. I’m sorry it’s been such a hassle for baristas and customers, but it shouldn’t continue to be an issue.

    • The new cases are in storage right now while we work through the old cases we have now. Over the next week or two, Mel and I will be inspecting the old cases we have left and disposing of any defective sleeves we find. This will help tremendously with our COGS on these to use any that are still good. We’ll be marking the boxes once we’ve inspected them so that you’ll know it’s still an old case but should be cleared to use (photo below). Once we get through the leftover cases at the shop, we’ll bring the new, fixed ones up!

And that’s all I’ve got for now! Come to me with any questions you have. Always here for you guys.



Old cups inspected.jpg
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