August 7

Hey Yo Team!

Welcome to the new staff website/blog thing. This is a test version, but we hope to make this cool, informative, and collaborative as well. For now, it’s a work in progress. Your feedback on how you would like it to look/function would be greatly appreciated.

A big huge welcome to our recent hires: Gavin & Sole! Gavin has already been getting reps and started his real shifts, and Sole will be joining us the week of the 21st! Words cannot express how excited we are to have these two join our team. It’s feels like straight up a gift from The Lord to finally have them in the fam.
July Birthdays: Brooke & Lino!
Can’t wait to celebrate all these at our August staff meeting! We didn’t have a July staff meeting, so August will include all the summer celebrations and fun!

We are truly overjoyed to see Betty and the team finally HOME! We are still working on organizing the space, adding shelves and bars to the lab, and figuring things out. So, bare with us the roasting team gets settled. We’ve mentioned in the past that usage of the space will change once the roasting team moves in… well, that day has come and so here are the house rules for the roastery space:

  • Desks and seating are for Edison work only. If your clocked in, you are welcome to use them. If your studying, reading, or just hanging out, we ask that you do so in the cafe. Not because the roasting team doesn’t love you, but because it’s an extremely focused job, and any slight distractions can mess up a roast and our quality.

  • Use the alcove/kitchen door as main walk path. This will allow us to check on the cafe as we’re running back and forth. You can still use roastery door, but please try to do so less often to respect workflow of roastery.

  • Please do not touch or pull coffee from the roastery production shelves. These are for wholesale customers and any adjustments could mess up an outgoing order. Jake will move our order to our shop coffee shelf on Thursdays like normal.

  • Breaks… Feel free to sit at the cupping table for your break while you eat. However, your plate, glass, and trash must go with you if you get up. The table should be 100% clean when vacated, so that if the guys need to do a quick cupping at anytime of the day, they can quickly and easily. Please do not sit at the work desks or interrupt the guys during your breaks.

I know this seams like a lot to ask, but keeping the roastery as a “work environment” will help the guys tremendously when it comes to cranking out all their orders. It gets to be a full factory production floor at times. Thank you for consideration!!!


  • Wine offerings have been scaled back to reduce waste. Check out the new booze menu for updates.

  • Coffee Update! See Jakes updates on board.

  • July Numbers

    • +10% gross sales increase from June

    • 8,086 sales compared to 7,516 in June

    • $8 ticket average (same as June)

    • The month was still in the negative for profit margin, but this was because of build-out costs for the roastery (the ducting, roof fan, and all of Joes time, and running the gas line). If you take those out, we’d be looking at a really great month. Awesome work y’all!

    • Top $ Sellers

      • Blue Suede Shoes - 999 ($5,329)

      • The Fifth - 807 ($3,952)

      • Whole Beans - 222 ($3,765)

      • Drip - 1,376 ($3,732)

      • Breakfast Taco - 1,038 ($3,474)

      • Cold Brew - 777 ($3,456)

    • Wholesale - Is doing incredible! Update from Jake: We had six new wholesale partners this month. Antioch Church (C-Stat), Great Raft Brewing (AR), Neat Coffee (SoCal), Stellar Coffee Co. (South TX), Zendo Art and Coffee (NM), and 1oz Coffee (SoCal). We had a total of 69 orders from 25 partners in 9 states. Great work Wholesale & Roasting Teams!

  • Cups defects - some of the 12oz cup sleeves are bad and will leak. Please check the first cup in each sleeve before restocking. You can do this by pouring some hot water from spro machine tap and you’ll know immediately. The manufacture plans to have us new cups that don’t leak within 3 weeks.

  • Kitchen menu updates have been awesome and selling like fire! Please make sure you have the updated seasonal menu down and that you are switching the weekday/weekend menus every sat/mon morning.

  • Now offering:

    • $1 refills for iced teas!

    • 8oz drip option!

    • Blue Suede Shoes through August!

  • Role Changes:

    • Sunni has trained Shelbs up on the baking side! You’ll still see her on occasional kitchen/barista shifts.

    • We’ll be meeting with leadership over the next few weeks to disperse Brookes role and responsibilities. Stay tuned for more role info soon! Brooke will be rolling off by the end of August! We love ya Brooklyn and can’t wait to celebrate your time with us.

  • Please double check all 3 doors in the cafe are locked before you leave your closing shift. We are trusting you each to limit liability and potential break-ins by making sure all doors are locked up. We’ll be adding security cameras soon as added security, but till then we really must make sure doors are locked. Thanks for your help with double checking!

  • Menus have been updated online - Sorry about the lapse on that!

  • Wholesale Client Policy from Jake - They are not allowed behind bar and all training will be coordinated through Jake and leadership. If they ask, please kindly tell them that you’ll have Jake get in touch with them regarding training.

  • Roastery swing door - is being built next week! Yay!

  • Sunni & the Creation Team are working on the Fall menu. Hit them up with ideas and feedback!

  • Rushes - Saturday mornings are especially nuts. The length of the line at the register is the main concern. We’ve placed menus for customers to grab, so hopefully they’ll have less questions when they get to the register. Other tips… the person on register might need to only ring up orders to get the line down. So, pastry’s, cold brew, etc might need to fall on the baristas on bar during that time. We’ll add a second register on the weekends if it continues to get crazy.


  1. August 13th (Next Tuesday) - DEEP CLEAN NIGHT (4PM - 9PM). Dress appropriately for cleaning.

  2. August 18th (Next Sunday) - STAFF MEETING (7PM - 9PM) at the shop!

  3. August 22nd - 25th : Some of the staff will be heading out to Denver for competitions. Wish em luck! Availability will be limited this weekend.

This is where we will continuously discuss Edison culture/life and things pressing on our hearts.

Our primary priority as a company is to care for one another, because without that it’s impossible for our team to make a difference in our customers lives or this world.
J and I especially want to set the example here. We will be diving back into our dream life of being around more and helping make life, culture, and the shop better in whatever simple ways we find to do so. This will look a lot less like us being in charge and more so us checking in and helping set everyone up for success. Our desire is for you to describe working at Edison the same way our guests describe visiting: Home - Family - Warmth. We are committed to this familial thoughtfulness and to each of you.
We can’t say enough how thankful we are for you guys and getting to do this along side of you. Our work is meaningful. You are meaningful.

Company Priorities:
1. Each Other
2. Guests
3. Community & Industry

These priorities are based around an overall culture and mission that says “We take care of people”. Making a difference in the world through coffee and ideas will flow naturally from that.

We hope to continue to use these priorities as a pathway or lighthouse to our goals.

Today, we’re focusing on our first priority of taking care of each other. J and I are especially tuning into this.
1. Can we look for ways to “outdo one another in showing honor” without counting the score?
2. How can we “turn up the home dial” for our work environment?
3. If we make assumptions of each other, can they be charitable in nature?
4. Can we be more aware of our emotional wakes? Create waves that we can all surf vibe on as apposed to tidal waves. Which emotional wakes am I creating?
5. Are there little or big things we can do to set each other up for success?

Just keep in mind that the “home” connected feeling that we all desire in our workplace can only be created intentionally with thoughtfulness, perspective, and joy. Thanks for joining us in looking into our first priority. We are so grateful for this team and the way you love each other so well!


It’s been a fun and busy summer… just want to say how excited we are heading into the school year and fall with most of our transition and build-outs complete (still have to finish lab & patio). J and I are so proud of you each and so thankful for the ways you’ve walked beside us in support during a really crazy time in our life. We could not be more grateful. Lots of love!


J & Mel

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