September 16

FALL MENU has landed and the people are hyped fo’ sho!
Thanks for being champs with all the changes. Here are some important updates for ya.

A big congrats to MR CLONTRON JAYROE… Aka Mr.Clint. He has earned the well deserved promotion as our new Cafe Manager. Chan is still Operations Manager and the two of them with their powers combined will slay all the coffee related dragons that may come your way. We are super excited for you Clint. Your growth as a leader and general care for the heart and people of Edison has been so cool to see!
Please give him a huge hug or high-five to celebrate the next time you see him!

Speaking of Clint’s new role, he will be your new go-to with any questions, suggestions, or problems that need solving. He’ll also be over staff development and growth, so you can expect to be getting lots of feedback, encouragement, and accountability from him.
Chan is still holding down operations, suppliers, and scheduling. When going to Chan with scheduling requests, please keep in mind scheduling retail is an extremely complex puzzle and any “preference” you bring forward makes the puzzle more and more complicated for her and others. I know she truly enjoys trying to get things worked out for each of you, but please don’t go to her with any special requests or preferences that you wouldn’t have gone to me with when I was scheduling. Chan does an excellent job looking out for the general health of the team and we want her to continued to be freed up to do so. Of course please still go to her, Clint, or I with any scheduling concerns or availability change requests that are needed. Also, heads up…we’re trying to make a hiring decision asap, but the sched will still be tight for the next couple weeks till we get someone in and trained up.

The peoples are friggin loving the new drinks…congrats to Sunni and everyone who helped her finalize these amazing creations. They are fabulous and everything anyone could ever want out of fall!
A couple of important things from Sunni:

  • Default milk for seasonal drinks is whole

  • The lavender syrup just keep an eye out for that! Shelby and I will be making the lavender syrup more often and in smaller batches, so please be patient with us as we try to figure out pars!

  • Pumpkin needs to be put in the fridge every night (just like mocha and scm) if you ever need to refill pumpkin it will be kept in the walk-in :)

  • Sweet potato chips are now replacing pita. They come in cute little individual bags.


Also, we completely revamped the printed menus to try to make it easier on customers and at the register when they make decisions. Let me know if you find anything that needs changing. We’ll be adding affogato back to the menu (under coffee section), since we have plenty of ice cream left. So, please keep prepping and hyping those. They are actually popular in cafes year round, not just during summer. Oh, and please make sure you’re filling up the mug with a hefty scoop (or 2 small ones) of ice cream. It’ll definitely feel overpriced to customers if you don’t.

THREE SIZES: since all of our fall beverages (with the exception of the elixir) can now be served in 8oz,12oz, and 16oz sizes, we’ll be offering each of those sizes hot or iced! Several people have asked for an iced 8oz latte, and we’ve actually gotten really good feedback on the taste of it. So, when making an 8oz iced latte for the seasonal specials, just fill the cup full with ice and pour the milk a little shorter than you’re used to. In a 12oz iced cup, the milk should come up right to that first, bottom line. Let me know if you have questions about this!

Last thing regarding menu changes…we are now labeling each type of pastry in the case. It increases sales and limits questions at the register, which ultimately also helps our ticket amounts and register flow. Please make sure the case is staying stocked, windex’d, and looking nice as we get an influx of new customers coming to try the seasonal specials. If you have any other suggestions that could benefit customers or help speed up the line on the weekends, please let us know! We’re all in this fun thing together.

Alternative Milk Price Increase info from J

  • If you’ve been with us for a while, you know we really try to keep pricing as consistent as possible for our customers. We’ve been charging $0.75 cents for alternative milks regardless of size for the past 5 years. In that 5 years we have continued to seek out the best alternative milks for our customers and I think we can safely say that quality has improved dramatically in terms of taste and texture. Unfortunately, during that time prices from our suppliers have increased. Also, over the last five years the number of alternative milk drinks we make has jumped from 5% our first year to 30% this year making the pricing of alternative milks even more critical for us as a company. This is not a money grab or attempt to take advantage of anyone with dietary restrictions or their lifestyle choices. We are simply trying to cover our costs so that we can continue to operate and serve our community.

  • As of menu change we are going to start charging $1.00 for 12oz (and under) and $1.50 for 16oz drinks that include almond, oat, or breve. For clarification, we should never charge anyone for a splash of alternative milk in their americano, coffee, or cold brew because we offer complimentary half and half (which is actually more expensive). If someone wants alternative milk steamed and added to their drink, use the appropriate steamed add on button.

  • So how did we get to these numbers? It can’t be that much more expensive right?
    Well...we currently charge less than the actual COST of alternative milks (with waste factored in) in all of our 12oz and 16oz beverages. Let me show you...

  • First example, the milk in a 12oz flavored latte costs $0.23 and the cost of oat milk for the same drink is $1.11 so our cost to add the oat milk to a 12oz flavored latte is $0.88. This is obviously more than the $0.75 add on price we were using. Our new add on of $1.00 barely covers the actual cost ($0.88) of the alternative milk.

  • Second example, the milk in a 16oz flavored latte costs $0.31 and the cost of oat milk for the same drink is $1.50 so our cost to add the oat milk to a 16oz flavored latte is $1.19. This is obviously more than the $0.75 add on price we were using. Our new add on of $1.50 barely covers the actual cost ($1.19) of the alternative milk.

  • Quick facts for you to have on hand if someone asks why the price of alternative milk has increased...
    - The alternative milk we use is 4-5 times more expensive than dairy. I always thought it was closer to 2x and I was surprised by how much higher it was.
    - We buy Barista specific alternative milks that steam to a texture that is pleasant and creates a tasty beverage. So no we unfortunately can’t just use cheaper alternative milks because we care about quality.
    - We don’t raise prices very often because we believe in offering a consistent experience for our customers. Sometimes we even lose money or don’t mark up things as much as we should just to serve our customers well.

  • Last thing...we don’t need to lecture anyone over price increases. Most people will ask because they’re curious. Keep your response short and sweet. All of this info is for you to understand where we are coming from. Feel free to answer questions if customers want o follow up on your initial response. As always you can give them our email address if they want to further address anything. Love you guys! I know that’s a lot but I want y’all to know that this is decision is well thought out and considered. We HATE raising prices but we think this is fair given our costs.

IMPORTANTThere is a SMALL & LARGE Alt Milk Modifier section on square…Please make sure you’re choosing the correct one so we’re all charging customers correctly and consistently.

Our general price increase on our overall menu will go live the day after our staff meeting (Monday, 10/14). We are finalizing the details, but do not plan for it to be a large increase (.25 or less on most items). Let us know your feedback as we strategize and plan for this.


  • New coffee portion size and grind size for drip. Try to get 238 out of your head and replace it with the cooler number of 243. Clint has this info for you on the wall behind the grinder. Please let us know if drip starts tasting off again and we’ll diagnose.

  • New ceramics for teas and pour overs!!! They live under the pour over bar. All teas and pour overs (with the exception of fogs and matcha) should be served out of the new ceramics to save the cap cups and drip mugs for caps and drip. No need to use the faded caps b/c the bulbs hold the heat well on their own. New drip mugs will land in 3 weeks. More pastry plates and pour over servers will be here Thursday. Yay!

  • We’re on El Obraje for SPRO now. The roast week we’re on right now has been dialing in good, but will get even better once we get into the batches we cupped last week.


  • We have plenty of back up whip cream dispensers now, so lets always keep an extra prepped now so we don’t run out in a rush.

  • Keep a look out for list changes this week!

  • Clint’s planning brew classes soon…go to him if you have any ideas or want to be involved in those!

  • Merch planning meeting (type of merch and design brainstorming) . Let Clint & Chan know if you want to be involved.

  • STAFF CHRISTMAS - is now less than 90 days away…so time to start planning some details, like the date! See below.


  • HALLOWEEN BASH COMING SOON TO AN EDISON NEAR YOU! Yup, you heard right. Start planning that costume. There will be a customer costume contest and a staff one…and I heard the prizes are actually pretty rad. Spoopy drink specials, live music, and all sorts of community fun/hangs. It’ll be one heck of a rad party. More details coming soon!

That’s all for now folks. Let us know if you need anything.

ACTION STEP… In the comments below, please put your name and preferred staff Christmas Party Dates. If all the dates work for you, put “no preference”.

Christmas Party Date Options:

  1. Saturday, 12/15

  2. Sunday, 12/16

  3. Monday, 12/17

  4. Tuesday, 12/18

  5. Wednesday, 12/19

  6. Thursday, 12/20

  7. Friday, 12/21

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