September 27

Hey, friends! I have a couple updates for you this week, but first, there’s some congratulations in order! Carlotta — welcome to your first staff update! We are truly over the moon to have you joining our team. We already love you so much and know you will just be the most perfect addition. Thanks for finding us and wanting to be a part of our crazy fun thing we have going on here.

Secondly, Gavin is officially tested out! He’s a real boy! But seriously — he completed and passed all his courses with flying colors and is cleared to offer any and all help needed moving forward. Gav, you’ve been killing it from the start and you fit in seamlessly with our crew. Proud of you, sir!

  • Cold brew update: you’ve likely all seen the updated checklists, but I made a small chart on the bottom of the morning list denoting the days in which we should always and consistently be making cold brew (M/W/F). I think this system has been working pretty well so far, although we should still be mindful - especially on weekends - if we’re running low, it’s still required that we make it to fulfill pars if needed regardless of day. We should not ever run out. However, the guarantee that all kegs are made on M/W/F ensures that we’re stocked up properly and won’t have to make it on off-days as much! Let me know if you start to notice inconsistencies here, and we can talk about adjusting days or pars.

  • Kitchen shift update: we’re still rocking one kitchen shift on Sundays for now, but we went ahead and added back in the second kitchen assistant shift on Saturdays because it was a little too hectic, and the baristas were still needing help with dishes and stuff. Again, this is subject to change with Carlotta being new and entering into busy season, but that’s the update for now! To clear up any confusion, any person that is scheduled for “kitchen” will be tipped out at the end of their shift. So, the solo kitchen person on Sundays should always be included in the tips. It’s only the creation shift who doesn’t collect tips.

  • Clint tried adjusting our nitro levels on the earl grey tap, and it was still coming out wrong after about a day of sitting, so we’re nixing it from the taps and keeping it in pitchers from now on. It’s still been working great cold-brewing it in bulk batches, so here’s the recipe for that — 1 full bag of earl grey tea to 4 gallons water, just the paper and bucket filters (no circle outlet filter). Exactly like we do the Sunstone. When it’s time to pull a batch, just transfer it from a brewista system to smaller pitchers and keep in the front fridge. Clint will be sending out an info-graphic soon with all the details for you to reference!

  • In case you missed it on GroupMe, we’re carrying a new supplier called Sun and Swell Foods. They come to us from Santa Barbara, CA and offer a variety of accessible, healthy snacking options. Their branding is awesome and matches our colors beautifully. We’re carrying their Fruit and Nut bites, Clean Cookie bites, Nuts and Seeds medley and eventually their Savory Crisps. I think they’ll be a really nice alternative to have for students, faculty, and families in our area. I’m updating the grab n’ go sheet today, so people will be able to see pricing.

  • Just a quick reminder that we should be dating each bottle of wine that we open! Whenever you crack open a new one, just take a sharpie and write the date it was opened — that way we can easily keep track of what’s fresh and what needs to be thrown out.

  • We’re hastily approaching busy season. And not the busy we’ve been used to. It’s a different kind — a scary kind, but a fun one and one that’s really good for our lil business. With that being said, I’d like to push us forward in this challenge: Punctuality! I’m speaking to myself high above any of you guys, but it’s something we all become lax about over time. We get lazy and 2 minutes turns to 5 and then all of a sudden, we’re strutting into shifts not totally prepared to hop right on (again, speaking to myself). Going into fall and winter, we truly aren’t going to have a second to spare when it comes to shift change and closers relieving openers or openers arriving late.

    • I’d like to challenge us all on the notion that being 5 minutes early equals being on time. Carve it into your schedules, your drive time, etc. And of course, if there’s an emergency or car trouble or something else crazy, please just let us know as quickly as you can! I really think this will help us all function a little more efficiently, act more reliably, and set us up for shifts smoother than just being thrown into the mix with zero mental time to prepare. Yay for getting our heads right before the reckoning!

  • This is something I don’t think we’ve mentioned in quite a while, but to place it on the record…both closers should be leaving the shop together every night at the same time for liability purposes. We just need to be diligent about making sure all doors are locked up and that there’s no reentry after the fact. Obviously, we’ll have events come up and we’ll take that on a case by case basis, but generally speaking, let’s get in that habit!

  • Lastly but certainly not leastly, everyone wish our buddy Clont good luck this weekend as he competes in the Brewer’s competition in Austin! He’s going to kill it as he’s done before, and we’re so proud to be represented by him :’) He competes on Sunday afternoon, so send him your luvin’. J, Mel, and Jake are also in attendance this weekend to cheer Clint on for us, so thanks to you, team, for holding it down while they’re gone. I’ll be around the shop, so let me know if anyone needs anything at any point!

Please reply to this post with an encouraging note for our friend, Clint. And so I know that you read :) I love each of you whether you like it or not! Happy Friday,


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