September 6

Hey, friends! I’m just gonna rattle off a few housekeeping things that are important to know for this week, weekend, and the coming week. As always, thanks for reading — and happy Friday!

  • To reiterate Mel’s message, Joe and his team will be in and out the next week or so to take a look at all our A/C systems. Hopefully those will be up and running again soon!

  • As you know, we’re hiring! Full time - and ideally - half kitchen, half barista. Here’s the application form again, in case you know anyone who may be a good fit. Following up with applicants and holding interviews as soon as possible.

  • Staff training for the new fall menu is Tuesday, 9/10. You’re all scheduled for one of the two afternoon time slots (3-4p or 4:45-5:45p). Please be at one of them, and if you have a major conflict, text Mel or myself so that we can schedule you time to get caught up. Launch date is Monday, 9/16 and I’m so excited for you to see what the creation team has dreamt up this time!

  • The tea dripper screens have been getting really gnarly lately, and it seems like once they reach a certain level of filth, it’s hard to get them clean again. I also can’t order just the screens themselves as individual parts, so we need to make sure we’re staying on top of cleaning them weekly. A couple tips that may help:

    • Clean them out faster after brewing so that leaves aren’t just sitting on top of the screens for way too long.

    • Make sure we’re thoroughly taking them apart and deep cleaning them per the daily cleaning duty list. It’s there at least twice a week, so it shouldn’t be forgotten about. Cafiza should work well for soaking all the parts, and possibly CLR for desperate cases.

  • Speaking of tea, we’re running through the last of our oolong tea for the season. The Gui Fei will be replaced with Spirit White - the first white tea we’ve had in a hot minute. The tasting notes are tangerine, allspice, and rosewater. It’ll be a nice addition to our lineup, and we’ll get it added to the menu in the next week or so.

  • Upcoming room reservations next week:

    • 9/11 - full day room for Todd’s team

    • 9/12 - 2 hour table for Shelly

    • 9/13 - half day room for Todd’s team

That’s all I have at the moment! Let me know if you have comments, questions, concerns. Thanks for killing it! Peace and love,

Manager Chandler

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